Wednesday, 13 December 2017

List of useful mac apps

This is mostly a note to self so that I can share with others when they ask which apps I recommend.

Android File (*) get files off android device
Android (*) make android apps

audio (*) music deck (*) scrobbler (music recommendations) (*) scrobbler
Sound (*) editing sound files
To MP3 Converter (*) convert funny audio files to mp3

Bartender (*) get all the mini icons in the menu bar under a menu
Battery Health (*) show battery status

BTC (*) show current cryptocurrency values in menubar (*) best wallet app

Cleaner for (*) clean memory caches to improve performance for new files (*) keep clipboard history and strip font/formatting from copy/paste (*) best ftp client
Default Folder (*) force open/save dialogs to place you somewhere intelligent, e.g. the folder the file came from!

A Better Finder Rename (*) bulk file renames, e.g. to strip spaces or other funnies
Bitdefender Virus (*) mostly for PC viruses to help PC users out
Carbon Copy (*) best backup app, makes a bootable full copy.
CleanMyDrive (*) looks for garbage (*) best compression tool
StuffIt Archive (*) to open files from the above, listing files first
StuffIt (*) to just expand files from the above without ceremonies

NEVER INSTALL : mackeeper. It’s malware.

DjVu (*) to open DJVU files (like PDF) (*) to create document indexes for PDF (*) epub viewer and store, canadian
iBooks Creator (*) from Apple, try it.
Font (*) great app to convert OTF/TTF/PS fonts into other formats

graphics (*) batch resize or watermark images (*) similar to corel draw / adobe illustrator - very good (*) - similar to photoshop, much cheaper, very good


Pst Easy (*) - convert Outlook PST files to Apple mail files (*) screen sharing
Little Snitch (*) stop spyware from accessing websites - you approve/deny all interactions with internet. Basically lets you build a firewall on the fly. (*) far prefer to excel as it remembers stuff like copy/paste (*) far prefer to Word as it lets you create a spreadsheet inside a wordprocessing document. (*) tool to manage academic research papers

Combine (*) to tack JPGs and PDFs together into single documents, or split them into single pages
PDF OCR X Enterprise (*) convert bitmap PDFs to text-readable pdfs
PDF to
PDF to Word - Convert PDF to Microsoft
PDFKey (*) to remove passwords on PDFs (you still have to enter the password, but once you’ve entered it, it removes it)

+ PDF to (*) blogging app - saves you the bad interface of blog sites.
MindNode (*) mindmapper
MyPoint (*) to control PowerPoint from your phone
StakePoint (*) PM app

programming and maths
Daum Equation (*) to create math equations
MathMagic (*) ditto
QR (*) to make QR codes (*) to check the SEO-goodness of your website
XML Site (*) to create an XML map for google search

Project Management and similar
Flowchart Designer (*) mind mapper (*) PM app
Project Viewer (*) to open MS Project files (*) to control CPU fan speed (*) twitter client (*) find and delete duplicate images in bulk, keeping highest quality ones

Video (*) convert any video to any other video
Air Video (*) play streaming video from your mac to your ipad
AVI to Any (*) convert AVI (*) rotate a video (e.g. if you film with your phone sideways) (*) to play FLV files
MKV to Any (*) convert MKV files
MP4 to Any (*) convert MP4 files
To M4A Converter
WMA to Any
Wondershare Video Converter
Xilisoft Video Joiner (*) to join video clips easily and quickly
Xilisoft Video Splitter (*) to split...

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