Tuesday, 19 January 2016

how to fix the economy and delete plutocracy/oligarchy

Just make it mandatory that 90% of shares in any corporation are reserved for employees, and that a minimum of 50% are owned by current employees, with the other 40% for past employees. This will have the following effects:
- greater equality, with parasite investors only getting 10%
- existing employees will actually see the benefits of the company they're helping to grow
- existing employees will work harder because they know that they'll get shares if the company grows
- bosses will be reluctant to fire anyone because the person fired will still get shares
- hiring practices will be more stringent because you know that you're choosing a new shareholder, not just a slave.

php 7 nightmare

OK so Centos 6 insists on installing php 5.3 and even if you download other RPMs and install them, they do not replace the existing 5.3 whic...