Thursday, 24 December 2015

quikview and viamedia are scam artists

I got this sms from Quikview, owned by ViaMedia in Cape Town.
I’ve confirmed that at least four of my friends have received this same spam.
In particular, I checked my balance before and after sending an opt-out SMS and I was charged for the opt out.
That’s unacceptable.
And I’m not the only person reporting them.
WASPA, I am sure, does zero other than take money from viamedia. Look how they ignore the scams from these:
"You have been sent 4 Photos. Click number/1 en NOW. 2opt out sms stop"
I see when you click on the link it tries to sign you up for a subscription service. It doesn’t say WHO signed me up, where they got my phone number from, or who sent me the photos.  It also doesn’t say why I should pay R7 to view photos from a putative person who sent them to me, without saying who sent them to me and why I should be willing to pay to view them. However, it does want to charge you R 7 per day for zero benefit (as in, who on earth is currently unable to send photos via their phone???)
This is very clearly a scam or a spam, since all of my friends are quite capable of using email attachments, whatsapp, or Facebook, or other reputable social media platforms.

Apparently if you send an sms to 30333 with the text "STOP ALL" it is supposed to check if any WASPS are linked to your number and stop them.
John Ostrowick
John Ostrowick ok it seems like this is the way to do it, i will try it. *111# option 10 -> 7 seems to do it as well, but it offers me a list of legit things that I want like airtime and data bundles, so I am reluctant to do that.

This is the proof:
        Name: ViaMedia ViaMedia
        Organisation: ViaMedia Pty Ltd.
        Tel: +27.214027500
    Registrant's Address:
        Street: 601, 6th Floor, The Studios 4 Loop Street
        City: Cape Town
        Country: ZA
        Code: 8000
        Name: Hetzner (Pty) Ltd
        Tel: +27.219702000 
    Relevant Dates:
        Registration Date: 2015-07-16
        Renewal Date:      2016-07-16
It turns out that after they were called on their scam by Hetzner (thanks for being such great ISP, guys!!)
They ran for the hills. Trying to cover their tracks and not reveal the link between quikview the scam, and ViaMedia the parent.
This is their current registration:
Upon further investigation we have found that the domain is no longer registered through Hetzner as it was transfered away from Hetzner on the 29th of December. See confirmation below:


       Name: Quikview Quikview
       Organisation: Quikview
       Tel: +27.214027500
       Fax: +27.214027500

   Registrant's Address:
       Street: 601,   6th Floor,The Studios  4 Loop Street
       City: Cape Town
       Province: Western Cape
       Country: ZA
       Code: 8000

       Name: 1API GmbH
       Tel: +49.68416984200 

   Relevant Dates:
       Registration Date: 2015-07-16
       Renewal Date:      2016-07-16

   Domain Status:

   Pending Timer Events:
       PendingUpdate        expires     2016-01-03 10:50

   Name Servers:


WHOIS lookup made at 2015-12-31 07:03 UTC

And I’m not the only one. Read this.

I want the following from Quikview and/or ViaMedia.
1. A written apology
2. An explanation as to WHO sent me photos via your service
3. An explanation other than (2) as to where they got my number from, so that I can sue that person for breach of POPI.
4. An assurance that 
a) my number has been deleted from their database, 
b) that no debits against my vodacom account will occur, and that
c) no further communiques from them will be received.
Note how despite saying “NO”, I still received two requests to confirm.
Their response (a pack of lies):


1: If you are adhering to Hetzner’s acceptable use policies (below)


We believe that our client Quikview is adhering to Hetzner's acceptable use policies.


ViaMedia run an SMS messaging aggregation division and this communication campaign is being run on behalf of an international client.



2: How you obtained the complainant’s contact details. You are required to provide specific opt in evidence showing the user providing consent to receive these text messages.


We will make contact with our international client as soon as practically possible in order to request this information. (It should be noted that it is a very difficult time of year to get hold of the relevant people).


It is our client's responsibility to ensure that the relevant consents are in place with respect to required direct marketing practices.


We were informed by the client that all relevant requirements, including opt-in requirements, have been met.



3: Whether the unsubscribe/opt-out function is working


To the best of our knowledge, the unsubscribe/opt-out function is working. We are currently running tests and investigating our client’s product to confirm this.


It is also worth noting that the system doing the actual send checks all numbers that we receive from our client for communications against the DMA DNC database as well as any industry DNC databases and other sources of DNC as an additional safeguard that we consider to be best practice for SMS marketing activities.


We adhere to the WASPA guidelines for direct SMS marketing.


It is also worth noting that the complainants are factually wrong with respect to the claim that responding to links will activate any services or subscriptions. As laid out in the client’s product brief responding to the SMS communication indicates interest that then elicits further communication and multiple steps to any form of subscription. In the case of subscription to a service, a double opt-in, including an Mobile Network (Vodacom/MTN/Cell C) direct confirmation response, to the MNO, is required.



4: Whether you removed the complainant from your database/future mailings


Yes, we have sent all complaints to the client and they then removed the complainant from their database and will always remove any and all complainants immediately from future communications.



I DID NOT GIVE CONSENT IN ANY MANNER OR FORM, neither to be contacted in the first place, NOR to be persistently contacted.
If you go to you will see clearly that they do not say what their business offering is, who they are, or their contact details. They very CLEARLY want to avoid accountability for this.
Quikview is NOT a foreign company.
Tell them that their “client” DOES NOT and NEVER HAS had my consent.

I attach screenshots of the persistent harrassment which is occurring despite responding “no”, at cost.
Tell the client to behold the following screenshots and note the date/time. I received persistent harrasment, even today it is still badgering me to sign up.
I am not going to remove this complaint from Hello peter OR my blog OR facebook till I get an apology for spam, misleading me, and a clear identification (name, surname) of WHO sent me photos via their “service” so that I can take it up with the person concerned. IF they cannot tell me who sent me the photos, then clearly it is a SCAM to ENTICE me into signing up, and therefore FALSE ADVERTISING.

IMG 6759


IMG 6758


IMG 6800

AND another, (31 Dec)
Screen Shot 2015 12 30 at 07 06 07
Another (1 Jan)
Screen Shot 2016 01 01 at 20 06 14
and another (20, 21 Feb)
Screen Shot 2016 02 21 at 12 38 15
Two more:
Screen Shot 2017 01 02 at 11 59 07

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