Wednesday, 30 September 2015

scientists think morals distinguish people? uh, no.

The trouble with the model is that modes of moral behaviour are not sufficiently nuanced to discriminate between persons. Let's say I have two people with alzheimer's . Let's say that neither remember who they are. And let's say they're both altruistic utilitarians. Now further, let's put them in a room where their life partners/spouses can't see them, but can write letters to each other on computer. Would either spouse be able to tell whether they're talking to their partner with alzheimer's, or not? I think not. So unless you can give a nuanced scale of what you mean by 'moral'... it's not going to discriminate between individuals. Individuation is, in my view, best done with genetics. However, memories aren't a bad model either. In my thought experiment here, spouse A can't tell if she's talking to partner B or partner A (with alzheimer's) unless either of them can remember *something* of their previous life, e.g. their partner's name. Obviously, SEEING their partner will individuate; but the physical form is genetic. Hence, genetics is the only true individuator.

Friday, 18 September 2015

three finger swipe bug - Apple Spaces on Mac OS X

I find that if you swipe with three fingers left or right on Mac OS X to switch spaces, and you hesitate, it sometimes locks in a partly-swiped position with part of the screen offscreen. The result is, surprisingly, that the trackpad and clicking stops working, except for mouse movement. Scrolling and clicking stops; mouse moving continues. Attaching an external mouse does not help.

There are three solutions.

1. Disable spaces (click everything off under the system preferences for Spaces and Keyboard Shortcuts). This solution is mentioned often online but doesn’t in fact work! The three-finger swipe to switch spaces keeps working!

2. Enable three-finger swipe as “drag”. I find this is the only working solution.

3. Open terminal (or keep it open) and command-tab to the commandline. Type sudo reboot. This however doesn’t prevent it happening again.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Visit to ICT4Red/Cofimvaba

I visited three ICT4Red-supported schools in Cofimvaba in Rural Eastern Cape. The initiative is to bring e-Learning to rural areas (red = rural education). Here are some photos.

On visiting one of the schools which had mud buildings, I decided to do a fundraiser. Please support it. More details here:

Learners in Mbudlu using tablets
IMG 6042
Sewerage recycling toilets
IMG 5989
View approaching the area
IMG 6035
A new lab in one of the ICT4Red schools, funded by CSIR
IMG 6037
Schoolchildren in Zamuxolo learning to use tablets
IMG 6029
Mobile charging station for the tablet and storage room
IMG 6022
Views from Zamuxolo 
IMG 6019
Mud classroom hosting 50 schoolchildren per classroom
IMG 6017
Hydrogen fuel cell technology at one of the schools
IMG 5992
Another picture of children learning with technology
IMG 6010
Wireless mesh internet supplied by CSIR project and rainwater system
IMG 5990

php 7 nightmare

OK so Centos 6 insists on installing php 5.3 and even if you download other RPMs and install them, they do not replace the existing 5.3 whic...