Friday, 24 October 2014

why conspiracy theorists, MLM salespersons, diet fad supporters, and religious fanatics, are the same thing

I finally figured out why MLM, religious fanaticism, diet fads, and conspiracy theorists all disturb me in the same way.

It’s because they ARE the same; they just have different objects of obsession.

A conspiracy theorist is obsessed with his secret knowledge of a nefarious plot by invisible agents. And  anyone who disagrees with the theory is not seeing the ‘truth’.

A religious fanatic is obsessed with his secret knowledge of a divine being that protects him from nefarious plots by invisible agents. And  anyone who disagrees with the system is not seeing the ‘truth’.

A MLM salesperson has secret knowledge of how to get rich and thinks that anyone who disagrees with the method is not seeing the ‘truth’.

A diet fadder has secret knowledge of this one diet that will make you lose tons of weight AND cure cancer AND cure autism AND cure diabetes… but only if you accept THEIR truth, which is to exclude X from your diet. Anyone who does not agree is going to DIE. 

Please note, I’m not saying you’re stupid if you’ve fallen for one of these. I’m just saying have a look at your motives; why you want to belong; why you get angry when others disagree with you; why you focus on what reassures you in your belief and do not look at countervailing evidence.

Mlm vs religion vs conspiracy

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