Friday, 7 March 2014

the "hobbit" homo floresiensis

@katewong @sciam big diff betw. florensiensis and sediba. Face angle to start with. Age also differs by well over 2my

@johnostrowick Interested b/c both species show surprising combos of Australopithecus & Homo traits, & b/c flores ancestor is a big mystery

@katewong @sciam I "scarequoted" "new" as Jungers dates to 2009 - Vol 459|7 May 2009|doi:10.1038/nature07989 The foot of Homo floresiensis

php 7 nightmare

OK so Centos 6 insists on installing php 5.3 and even if you download other RPMs and install them, they do not replace the existing 5.3 whic...