Monday, 27 January 2014

vodafone mobile phone on mac os x

For some reason, when you install a vodafone wifi 3g modem, it has this obnoxious thing that it does wherein it sets your home page of your web browser to the modem's administrative IP address ( or similar). Then, no matter how many times you reset your homepage in your web browser, it has no effect. Moreover it doesn't officially tamper with this; it sets it somewhere else. It's almost as if it intercepts every first attempt to connect to the web and displays the admin screen instead. This is particularly annoying as it does it every time you open a new web browser.

To stop this behaviour, you have to do the following:

1. Open the terminal and type


sudo su

and give your password when prompted.


2. Relocate the Vodafone drivers


mkdir /var/root/junk/

mv /usr/local/bin/VMRServer /var/root/junk/

mv /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/de.novamedia.VMRServer.plist /var/root/junk/ 


3. Remove all the stuff in


pertaining to novamedia


               ls /var/db/receipts/*novamedia* | xargs rm

4. Remove all the stuff in /var/db/BootCaches/ pertaining to novamedia (it will be in some long-serial-number folder).. try

               find /var/db/BootCaches/ -name *novamedia*

5. Remove vodafone.wifi from your hosts file

              sudo  vi /etc/hosts

remove the line 


by typing


on the line

6. Reboot or type

               killall VMRServer


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Peugeot 407 cruise control weirdness

I've seen many posts on Peugeot chat sites without a clear solution.

The Peugeot 407 (2004 or thereabouts) has a tricky cruise control system.

In particular, if you press the plus or minus button on the stick, it just blinks at you instead of setting the speed.

Do the following.

1. Get into 5th gear (if applicable)

2. Take your foot off the clutch and or brake. Completely off.

3. Accelerate to the desired speed and hold it there.

4. Turn the cruise control dial to "on". As far as I can see, you can permanently leave it in this position.

5. Press the plus button behind the cruise control stick (on the back side).


To disengage cruise control, do any of the following:

1. Press the Pause button on the end of the cruise control stick

2. Press the brake or clutch

To speed up or down when in cruise control mode, simply use the + or - set buttons on the stick. Change speed slowly otherwise it won't work and will start blinking again. In particular, do not do this to overtake or slow down behind a truck, say. Its response time is too slow. Revert to full manual control in overtaking situations, it's much safer.

New slides


I presented the following set of slides (per voice) at the most recent PSSA conference in Bloemfontein.

It deals with the Libet debate and the question of free-will, that is, whether Libet's evidence that we perform actions unconsciously due to neurological events, rather than "freely choose" to "consciously" perform "actions".

php 7 nightmare

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