Wednesday, 14 March 2012

War on drugs - my 2c

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The Americans will dislike me for saying this, but stop the war. It's a waste of time and money. It created the drug cartels. Just like the Prohibition in the USA created the Mafia. Mexico would have fewer headless people if Pfizer were making E, cocaine, etc. Plus fewer people would be getting sick/hospitalised/dying from poor quality stuff, eg coke cut with rat poison - a common thing here.

  1. Legalise the lot.
  2. Get the massive pharma co's to manufacture.
  3. Make it a legal requirement that you get a prescription from a doctor to get them
  4. You buy them at a regular pharmacy, and have your name written down. People who inject must be given enough clean needles to stop HIV/AIDS spread
  5. Make sure they're much cheaper from a pharmacy than from a street peddler
  6. Make it compulsory for schoolkids to go to rehab centres to see what the consequences are
  7. Make it illegal for under-21s to get scripts without parental consent
  8. Track who is using and what they're using and what quantities
  9. Limit the quantities prescribable
  10. Enforce manufacture quality controls, and create jobs manufacturing the stuff
  11. Massive government campaigns against it at schools
  12. Make it illegal to advertise the products in any way, and sell them with major health warnings on the packets, just like the other legal drugs (cigarettes, alcohol)
  13. Sell in quantities too small to overdose on
  14. Make MJ completely legal for anyone to grow and use, but not sell.
  15. Make home manufacture of anything other than MJ illegal.
  16. Tax the products heavily, just like the other (booze and smokes)
  17. Make exclusions on medicare/medical aid/medical insurance that drug usage entails that you won't be covered for certain things like motor accidents, lung disease, artery disease, etc.
  18. Make it compulsory for females over 12 to have a pregnancy test every time they go to collect.

PS. In case you think I'm a druggie - no. But I can't logically see the difference between tobacco (highly addictive, health detrimental), and alcohol, which causes most family violence and road deaths, and the other stuff. It's all the same. Whether someone's slacking off at work because they're on heroin or slacking off at work because they're drunk on alcohol, there's no difference.

What is the objective? To stop drug cartels, to stop imprisoning users who actually just need psychological help, and to stop risky behaviours like needle sharing, petty crimes to feed habits, etc.

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