Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Reasons to be Positive about South Africa

- 80% of the population are no longer assaulted daily and given an education that consists entirely of housekeeping and gardening (also known as "Bantu Education")

- freedom of speech

- no more Christian National Education that tells us what we can and can't read or learn about (eg Evolution), and that black people are descended from the Sons of Ham, destined to be 'hewers of wood and drawers of water'

- no longer internationally ostracised, but a moral voice of authority in international politics

- trusted by the international community with nuclear power: no longer has to be covert operations, no threats from IAEA

- no statistically significant violence during the political changeover occurred

- a govt that is at least aware of the problems in the country and trying to do something about it

- an opposition that is actively aware of the govt's failings and actively trying to do something about it

- an entrepreneurial spirit and 'can do' attitude, with lots of opportunities for business and new ideas

- the taxman answers email!!!!!!!!!

- no longer are 18-year-old white boys conscripted to go die in Angola or the townships to fight the cause of oppressing their fellow citizens and to support a fascist neonazi Christian regime.

- great weather, friendly people, lots of tourist stuff to do, even for our own citizens.

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