Monday, 13 September 2010

iPhone/Cellular Phone won't sync with Mac Address Book

If your phone (iPhone or otherwise) stops syncing, but you know that you have definitely got changes on either the phone or addressbook that should go from one device to the other, do this to force it to sync:

Open iSync in Applications > Preferences > click Reset Sync History > then sync the phone. (Even if this is an iPhone and you have to sync using iTunes, it still works).

Saturday, 4 September 2010

iPhone Help Unknown Error 13019

If you get error 13019 when trying to sync your iPod, it means that you made changes on your iTunes, e.g., to file attributes or names, and it can no longer sync back to the iPod.

The cure is to un-sync whatever section you were editing, and use something like iPhone_Explorer or PhoneView to delete the data out of that section on the phone, then re-sync.

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